Liquid Double Wall Leadpipe

Let’s be honest, we may not like to brag about it, but we all like to play loud sometimes. 😉

That’s when we encounter the unpleasant reaction of the FF, the “split”,“cracked” sound, a sound that very few people, if any, enjoy.

After months of experimenting with various alloys, the idea of making a double-wall leadpipe came into my mind. The double-wall leadpipe is basically a Balu leadpipe encased in an exterior tube. I have found a way to bend the two tubes together while keeping an equal distance between them. Then I have filled the inner space with various materials and alloys. I encountered the best results using a (secret) liquid. We are in the process of applying for a patent, so the “secret” liquid will be public information once the patent is granted.

The extraordinary effect of the liquid is that it keeps the sound focused even in the loudest dynamic, and it enhances precision in the softest pp. An unintended but very welcome addition to the effects created by our liquid double-wall leadpipe is that we could clearly hear an unification of the tone color when switching from the F to the Bb horn. This is extraordinarily important, especially when taking auditions, since you are solely judged on the spot by the way you play an excerpt that was not meant to be played solo. Take for example Shostakovitch 5 where you will need to switch from F to B horn often, while playing in our most inconvenient register.

The Liquid Double Wall Leadpipe © can be installed on virtually any horn, with exceptional results.

We are so confident that you will find our new leadpipe exceptional, that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, so there is no stress about your purchase.

A new addition to our offer is the possibility to come by our shop and test them before purchasing.  If you fly to Memphis International, we’ll pick you up and put you up for the night.

Or you can simply drive to our shop and if necessary spend the night in one opf our guest rooms.

Did we mention that Memphis has the best bbq in the world?

You can see in the pics some of the horns that we mastered.