Horn Spa

Welcome to the Balu Musik Horn Spa.

At the Horn Spa, we provide your horn a complete spa experience to cleanse it from all of the stress and grime of every day playing. At the Balu Horn Spa, we have the best Ultrasonic Cleaner that money can buy and the years of experience necessary to provide the best service possible. The spa treatment can transform a horn and make it feel new again. Treat your horn like you would treat yourself.

Balu Horn Spa Services

Prices listed are an estimate for a double horn in good condition.
Actual price dependent on type of horn and condition of horn.
Actual cost of service will be presented before the appointment has been finalized.

Spa Ultrasonic Bath$199 lacquered, $229 de-lacquered
Spa Lacquer Removal$250
Spa Bell Conversion$650
Spa Bell Conversion and Lacquer Removal Package$800 ($100 off)
Add the Balu Go Box+$147

  • Spa Lacquer Removal and Bell Conversion includes Spa Ultrasonic Cleaning (~$199-$229 value).
  • De-lacquered horns require a round of polish immediately after their bath.
  • Balu Go Box+ includes packing materials and shipping to and from the store.

Multiple Horn Spa Bath Packages

Duet Spa Bath Package$349 - $409 (2 horns, $25 off per horn)
Trio Spa Bath Package$449 - $539 (3 horns, $50 off per horn)
Quartet Spa Bath Package$549 - $669 (4 horns, $75 off per horn)
Add the Balu Go Box+$147

  • Horns in the Duet, Trio, and Quartet packages must all arrive before the appointment date before services can begin.
  • Horns may come in from different locations, but will all be shipped back to one location once services are completed.
  • Balu Go Box+ includes packing materials and shipping to and from the store.

Custom Horn Spa Services

Duck Foot or Adjustable Pinky Ring + Installation$99
Clebsch Hand Strap + Installation$80
Lever Sanding and Polishing$99
Rotor Play Adjustment$50 - $120 per rotor
Abalone Caps$199 for 4 caps + $25 per extra cap
Moonstone Finishing on Horn (Ion Balu Innovation)$1,200
Double Wall Liquid Leadpipe + Air Fluidization$1,700
Add the Balu Go Box+$147

  • If a Duck Foot, Pinky Ring, or Hand Strap is provided, installation is $30.
  • Cost of rotor play adjustment depends on the condition of the rotors.
  • Abalone caps cannot be made for horns with domed caps.
  • Moonstone Finishing and Double Walled Liquid Leadpipe may require multiple days to complete.
  • Balu Go Box+ includes packing materials and shipping to and from the store.

Due to the time constraints, we can only package dent removal services alongside other major spa procedures.

Schedule your Horn’s Spa Date Today!

To receive a quote for services for your specific horn, please give us a call at 1.855.426.8745 or e-mail us at sales@balumusik.com with the subject line “Horn Spa”.

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 4 reviews
by Alan Cole on Balu Horn Spa

Top quality professional arrangements all the way. Everything worked out just as agreed with no delays & no problems. I even got to keep the mouthpiece & carrying case.) Glad to have positive contact with the master at horn mastering.

by Tori on Balu Horn Spa

Wouldn't want to recommend anyone else! I always love your products!!

by Jaron Kloap on Balu Horn Spa

Fantastic work! Ion removed some a major dent from the bell tail and clean the horn. You can't even tell where the dent used to be.Thanks, Ion!

by TWood on Balu Horn Spa

I have purchased a Thunder mute, stop mute, & practice mute. I use them all regularly and LOVE them. They work great and sound great! I know if anything were to go wrong with them Ion would stand behind his product. I would highly recommend them to any horn players looking to pick up a high quality mute.