Spa Bell Conversions

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Prices listed are an estimate for a double horn in good condition.
Actual price dependent on type of horn and condition of horn.
Actual cost of service will be presented before the appointment has been finalized.

Spa Bell Conversion$650
Spa Bell Conversion and Lacquer Removal Package$800 ($100 off)
Marcus Bonna Case Discount with Conversion$50 off select cases
Add the Balu Go Box+$147

  • Spa Bell Conversion includes Spa Ultrasonic Cleaning (~$199-$229 value)
  • Balu Go Box+ includes packing materials and shipping to and from the store.

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The Spa Bell Conversion service takes your fixed bell horn and converts it to a horn with a detachable bell. This process allows for the horns to be placed in more compact cases allowing easier carriage and storage. This is preferred among those who travel as this allows the horn to be easily carried on, avoiding the potential of damage as a checked item.

Conversions include a Spa Ultrasonic Cleaning service ($199 value) and an Alexander ring. This ring is the most commonly used in the market, giving you more flexibility and options if you decide to change bells. For those who are having their horns converted here and are looking to buy a new case, we can provide a discount of $50 on select Marcus Bonna cases (please inquire for specific case availability).

If your horn is lacquered, we highly recommend a Bell Conversion and Lacquer Removal Package for an extra estimated $150 ($800 total, $100 off regular Lacquer Removal service). The bell cutting process requires the removal of the tail by removing it from its braces. Once the process is complete and the horn is put back together, you will have a horn with a de-lacquered bell along with de-lacquered patches around the ring and around the braces. Removing the lacquer will help the horn look even from leadpipe to bell.

If you have any questions regarding the bell conversion process, please feel free to call us (1.855.426.8745) or e-mail us.