Spa Lacquer Removal

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Prices listed are an estimate for a double horn in good condition.
Actual price dependent on type of horn and condition of horn.
Actual cost of service will be presented before the appointment has been finalized.

Spa Lacquer Removal$250
Spa Bell Conversion and Lacquer Removal Package$800 ($100 off)
Add the Balu Go Box+$147

  • All Horn Spa services include free Fedex return shipping for lower 48 states, a ~$70 value
  • Spa Lacquer Removal includes Spa Ultrasonic Cleaning (~$229 value).
  • Balu Go Box+ includes packing materials and shipping to and from the store.

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The Spa Lacquer Removal service removes the thin film of lacquer coated on your horn. The effect of removing the lacquer on one’s sound is dependent on the individual. Those who remove their lacquer often believe that the sound of the horn improves due to the horn’s ability to resonates more freely. This is an area of debate, but the current trend in professional American orchestras is to play with de-lacquered horns.

Lacquer Removal services comes with an Ultrasonic Bath ($229 value) and free Fedex shipping to lower 48 states.

If your horn has a fixed bell, we offer a Spa Bell Conversion and lacquer Removal Package for a total estimated $800 ($100 off).

If you have any questions regarding the lacquer removal process, please feel free to call us (1.855.426.8745) or e-mail us.