Ultrasonic Bath

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Prices listed are an estimate for a double horn in good condition.
Actual price dependent on type of horn and condition of horn.
Actual cost of service will be presented before the appointment has been finalized.

Spa Ultrasonic Bath$199 lacquered, $229 de-lacquered.
Duet Spa Bath Package$349 - $409 (2 horns, $25 off per horn)
Trio Spa Bath Package$449 - $539 (3 horns, $50 off per horn)
Quartet Spa Bath Package$549 - $669 (4 horns, $75 off per horn)
Add the Balu Go Box+$147

  • De-lacquered horns require a round of polish immediately after their bath.
  • Horns in the Duet, Trio, and Quartet packages must all arrive before the appointment date before services can begin.
  • Horns may come in from different locations, but will all be shipped back to one location once services are completed.
  • Balu Go Box+ includes packing materials and shipping to and from the store.

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Treat your horn to a luxurious bath inside our ultrasonic cleaner. This method provides the deepest clean possible, using sound waves to break apart deposits in the deepest part of your horn. We remove all slides and rotors to ensure that every aspect of the horn gets clean. We wipe away all grease and oil before giving it an Ultrasonic bath. The bath breaks apart and removes deposits inside the slides and rotors casing along with on the rotors themselves. After the cleaning, we polish the inside of the slides, grease the slides, and oil the rotors to perfection. We then test to make sure that the rotors spin freely inside the rotor casing. De-lacqured horns will also receive a round of polish. We then restring the horn with brand new string and install new bumpers free of charge. You will receive a horn that feels like new, free of all the stress and gunk built up over time. Your horn will thank you.

Ross McLean, an enthusiastic horn player and pathologist at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Sydney, Australia, took these pictures and gave us permission to post them here. These are pictures of what the inside of your leadpipe looks like pre and post ultrasonic cleanings. More of his work can be found by clicking here.

Camera information: Calibration= 0.000 Millimetres per pixel; Capture format= 864 x 648, Progressive Large HQ; Gamma= 0.62; Gain= 1.0 x; Exposure= 81.6 ms; Auto exposure= On; Image type= Colour; Shading= (None); Sharpening= High; Black clip= 0; White clip= 255;
Microscope information: Nosepiece Objective Mag.= 63; Mag changer magnification= 1; Aperture= 0.75; Lamp= 230;

If you have any questions regarding the ultrasonic bath process, please feel free to call us (1.855.426.8745) or e-mail us.