DAT Kæse

DAT Kæse – A Ion Balu innovation, is a new and revolutionary way to carry your horn that will set the standard for decades to come. Born on July 4th 2015, DAT Kæse has been the result of many years of planning and dreaming. Finding inspiration in famous sculptures of the Antiquity, the Renaissance and the French masters while visiting world class museums, Mr. Balu invented a case that encompasses the human body in its most beautiful state with a combination of high-tech materials that resulted in an extraordinary product. Its fluid forms and intelligent design combined with one of the strongest materials in existence, carbon fiber, DAT Kæse brings a new and revolutionary way to carry your instrument. We thought about everything in this case: super strong materials, combined with strongest locks and aluminum extrusions, specially designed and manufactured for Balu Musik. The beautiful fluid forms that are hugging your body when carrying on your back are a visual masterpiece of unprecedented beauty. People will be stunned by the view of the case behind you rolling on smooth bearing wheels pulled from its fast, strong and smooth handle.
When traveling in tiny planes you can quickly take off the bell and place it in a different compartment. The bell enclosure can fit up to 3 bells. The case is designed to fit all brands and sizes, from single to the thickest triple horns. You can even use its surprisingly generous storage compartment, not just for a full size music folder or your laptop but also for toiletries and clothes when traveling, eliminating in most cases the need for another carry on.
The case comes in two model, Classic and “Like A Boss”. For those musicians who love and cherish their instruments to the max, the “Like a Boss” model offers a real time GPS monitoring system that updates every 30 seconds and is available in 120 countries around the world* (*GPS service require a $19.95/month fee and is serviced by one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the industry).
We expect a 2 months delivery time.

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