Ab Aeternum Triple horn

Balu Musik has teamed up with Duerk horns and we are excited to announce a new triple horn that will change the way we play and enjoy a triple. We are proud to be the only dealer of Ab Aeternum triple horns in the USA.
Agile and quick to respond, this uncompromising instrument reflects our customers’ exceptionally high standards. To meet the challenge and build an instrument that lives up to every expectation is our highest goal and ambition. A powerhouse weighing in at only 2700 grams, this triple horn boasts outstanding, smooth intonation and response for “all three horns”. Experience effortless high notes, a robust low register, and a comfortable middle range, all combining seamlessly to allow your artistic expression free rein. Constructed with great craftsmanship and dedication to detail, and using only the finest materials, this latest masterpiece by DürkHorns is an instrument you can rely on.


Key: High F/ Bb/F oder F/Bb, easily reversible
Pitch: A-440hz. up to 443hz possible
Bore: 12.1mm
Valves: Solid yellow-brass conical valves with tapered spindles
Lever action: String action, changing valve with Minibal
Valve caps: Aluminium, nickel-plate and engraved
Thumb lever: Three-dimensional adjustment
Leadpipe: Standard gold brass with a water key and an engraved mouthpiece receiver collar
Water key: Standard on the leadpipe
Cylindrical crooks: Perfect cylindrical calibration
Slides: The hand-lapped inner and outer slides are made of nickel-silver
Braces: Made from the best solid nickel-silver rods
Bell diameter: 310mm
Detachable bell: standard
Bell ring: Special bronze, for long life and durability
Bell: Traditional medium taper
Other options: Adjustable Dürk pinky hook., Dürk hand rest (flipper), additional water key (specify location), different bell flares, engraved nickel-silver bell garland (engraving available only on detachable bell flares)
Hand-hammered options: Hand-hammered bell tail, hand-hammered bell flare

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