Briz Horns A Pope-Balu Alliance

The search for a top quality instrument made in China is finally over.
The Alliance horns are offered in 3 different models and are the result of many years of consulting and searching. Ken Pope and I have spend many hundreds of hours trying to find a horn which is not only affordable, but plays way out of it’s league. The Briz horns exceed those expectations.

We are offering three different models: a modified Geyer/Knopf wrap, a Kruspe-style horn and a higher-end all brass, hand-hammered bell Geyer/Knopf horn.

Valve Compression reads below a 0.3! Tubing bends stay perfectly round through, the soldering, polishing, and overall craftsmanship will take your breath away AND, it comes with a flight ready case.

Available in Yellow brass, or Gold Brass for the Geyer/Knopf version (+$200 for gold) and Nickel-silver for the Kruspe-style.

Throw away all your preconceptions and find out why Ken and I have put our names behind this instrument.

Please call 901.517.7226 or email us for more info.

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