Euphonium Mutes

Dear Euphonium players, we are very excited to announce our revolutionary Euphonium mute. Why revolutionary? For several reasons: Like our world famous tuba mutes, our Euphonium mute has great resonance in all registers with NO fuzzy, stuffy, or distorted notes. Also, your mute will come with three different corks sizes (a Balu invention), so you can quickly find the perfect one for your instrument. We believe that our Euphonium mute is the best mute on the market, and we are backing our claim with 100% money back guarantee that includes S&H.

Too often, mutes are described by their deficiencies – intonation problems, thin or stuffy sound, unwieldiness, etc. I love playing with my Balu mute because it’s the complete package. It provides a sound with resonance and sonority while allowing me to play with edge and bite when needed. The intonation is excellent and not the headache that euphoniumists usually sign up for when they purchase a mute. The three cork sizes and variable placement told me all I needed to know about the attention to detail that Ion has put into this mute. The Balu mute came highly recommended by my good friend Matt Mireles, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a mute of the highest caliber.
Ryan Chen, winner of the 2011 Leonard Falcone International Euphonium and Tuba Festival ( Euphonium Student Competition.

“This is the one! The Balu euphonium mute has everything I have been searching for in a mute. The tone quality is smooth and beautiful, complimenting the euphonium perfectly; and as an added bonus, it plays in tune! Everyone I play it for falls in love with it. Thanks Ion for making a great euphonium mute.”
Matthew Mireles
1st Prize, 2008 Leonard Falcone Euphonium Competition

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