Horn Mutes

The Balu Straight mutes

The modern-day horn straight mute is made of cardboard, aluminum, or a thin wooden veneer. We wish we could tell you what our mutes are made of, but then we would have to “mute” you 🙂
The fundamental difference in a Balu Mute, as compared with your average straight mute, is its ability to produce a clear and responsive, highly-resonant sound, without faulty notes or questionable intonation throughout the whole register.
The inside tip protects the mute from becoming deformed by wear and tear, an important aspect in protecting the longevity of the mute. In addition, we apply seven coats of lacquer, providing a sleek finish.
We offer two sizes for the straight mute (the MS mute is 1/8″ smaller than the reg. size), as well as eleven different color options. All of our Straight Mutes sound the same regardless of the finish color.
All of our straight mutes are tunable, and have an attached string. We send out our mutes with a 6″ string, but we can customize the length of your string upon request.

The Balu Practice Mute

By redirecting the airflow, we have reinvented the practice mute with a quiet sound and even more impoertant: it has Negligible Air Resistance. Why is Air Resistance important? Besides the numerous and more common answers, think of this: It is a known fact that playing on a practice mute affects your intonation. And our Theory has a solution. A mute that has a lot of Air Resistance, it causes you to unconsciously adjust the air pressure to compensate the air resistance. Once you quit playing on a regular practice mute you find yourself having a problem keeping the center of the sound focused, so the pitch fluctuates.
The solution is our practice mutes, which eliminates this problem because they have negligible AIR RESISTANCE. Have you ever had to play an exposed solo or even just one soft note during the middle of a movement for which you were not able to warm up? Was having to play cold an uncomfortable experience for you? Here is one of the times when having a Balu practice mute comes in handy! You can use our practice mute DURING the performance to get ready for your big moment without ANYONE hearing you. This has been a big topic in our consumer feedback.

The Late Ethel Merker, Horn Legend
I like your practice mute because it has a great pitch and LESS air resistance compared with other practice mutes.

The revolutionary Balu stop mute 3.0, the only stop mute in the world that projects the sound forward now available in three different finishes: Matte, Moonstone and Mirror.