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For several reasons, we think that our new, original stop mute design, which contains revolutionary advancements, is the best stop mute in the world:
1) It takes the sound from the bell and projects it TOWARDS the audience. This way, you will never have a distorted sound or a loss of safety due to overplaying in order to be heard. The S-shaped tube is a Ion Balu invention.
2) It works great in ALL registers, and especially in the difficult octave bellow middle C, (C3-C4) (The stopped low C in Tchaikovsky 6th WILL be heard like never before.)
3) Our “mute bell” is the biggest one on the market; 2.5″ and in this case, bigger is better.
4) We make the mute with one bell size only. In order to change the colors, you only need to change the direction in which the bell points. This saves hassle, and you can create color changes in a matter of seconds.
5) The bell detaches from the body, for easy storage.
6)We are the first and only one to use a synthetic material that sticks and seals your mute in the bell impeccably.
Each mute is made entirely by hand here in the United States. Shaping the brass is labor intensive, and it takes more time to make than our regular horn mutes. You can anticipate a wait of approximately 6-8 weeks for the stop mutes.
All of our products have an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.
We uploaded a video on so you can hear the mute and its great characteristics. We chose youtube due to their universality on playing on all computers and iPhone, iPods, and other handheld devises. Several more videos will follow with specific stop mute excerpts. Please note that the audio quality of youtube is very low when compared with a CD quality.
Here is the link:
If you are not transferred automatically, you can go to, and do a search for “balu stop mute”

We’ve been asked to compare our mute with other brands. We’ve been asked this in the past with our straight mutes, and we believe that this would be in bad taste. Our intention is to make the best possible mutes, and we can do this without insulting our competitors, whom we respect and have good relations with. We believe that there is a place in the market for all mutes, and our products are targeting a specific performer: the professional musician. If you already own a Balu Straight or Practice mute, you will find the same difference when comparing the stop mute with other brands, and it will be your decision where to rank our stop mute. Thank you for your understanding.

Ion’s Dr. Seuss stop mute is born.
Finally, all the Whos Hears a Horn!
While sounds of beauty they do tell
Balu’s great cork stays in bell
And…ummm…you must own one of these mutes!!
Jeff Nelsen, Professor of Music at Indiana University, International Soloist, Canadian Brass, Yamaha Performing Artist.

I have been a big fan of Ion Balu’s mutes for a long time, and was curious when I heard about his having developed a stop mute. I was even more curious when I saw it for the first time. Once I played it I decided I had to have it. The mute has a great sound, and is the answer to projection issues with its unique design. Loud or soft, high or low, it is the best stop mute on the market.
Richard Todd, Recording artist, Principal horn with Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Horn teacher at Frost School of Music, University of Miami and so much more.

Dear Ion,
Just got the wonderful mute today. Wow!! This is finally a stop mute I can recommend without hesitation. My only concern is overbalancing my colleagues until they get their own version 3.0’s! I am so glad you went ahead and changed the cork as well. I have been waiting for a stop mute maker to use foam-type of a seal rather than cork.
Thomas Jöstlein, Associate Principal Horn St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Dear Ion,
I received your mute couple of days ago. Of course, I put it through many tests in my leisure. The packaging of “suspend a mute” was cool. The new surface (replacing the cork) is quick and has a nice grip for sealing. The reinforced “screw” bell is the winner, because it is a stronger joint and it serves like the “screw” bell on the horn, as it refocuses and directs the vibrations outward. The sound is by far the best and has the best projection of the many stopping mutes that I now own.
Way to go. I will speak highly of you and your products to anyone who sits still long enough to hear me.
Joseph Rounds, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

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