Trumpet Mutes

Introducing our newest model trumpet mute: “Because it works”

When is a trumpet mute worth $140?
1. When you know you can depend on its sound quality;
2. When you know it will stay in the bell, thanks to our two layer corks (a Ion Balu innovation);
3. When you know that throughout the whole register, you will not find funny or distorted notes;
4. When it plays in tune, without your having to adjust the tuning slide.
5. We even improved our inside resonator as compared to our previous (Majestic) model.

They can be equally played in pp with great sound control or loudly with confidence, when “The Resonator” kicks in for a rich and vibrating sound. Above all, the mute will really surprise you, as it does each time when we are exhibiting at workshops, with its easy, responding sound. Our “Because is Works” Mute will play in tune, unlike some mutes on the market, or your money back. We know that our trumpet mutes have a higher price than mutes made in third world countries. Our mutes are entirely made here in the USA with American materials and labor costs.

We guarantee your satisfaction with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

We are the only company to offer the very first dual layer cork, (a Ion Balu Innovation) as seen in the close up picture on the right. The top cork layer has a good grip on the inside of the bell, greatly helped by the bottom layer, a spongy-like material that compresses when pushed into the bell, and then softly expands, applying pressure and guaranteeing the safety of your mute inside the bell. After all, all trumpet players have horror stories about how they dropped a mute during a performance. This should not happen with our dual layer corks.

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