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  • Mars and Le Meow have a #14 size bore and medium backbore.
    • Smaller bowl shaped cup.
    • For players looking for a brighter, more complex sound quality.
  • Venus and Le Mezzo Meow feature a slightly bigger #12 bore and a medium-large backbore.
    • Medium funnel shape.
    • Warm sounding, yet with plenty of core.
    • For players with great all-around sound.
  • Jupiter and Le Meow Meow have a large #8 bore and a medium-large backbore.
    • Deep bowl/funnel hybrid.
    • For players who want to envelop the audience with a warm sound, but also dazzle them with a powerful roar when called for.
  • Mars, Venus and Jupiter are made from brass.
    • They offer a warm and lush sound with great harmonics and projection throughout all ranges.
  • Le Meow, Le Mezzo Meow and Le Meow Meow are made out of surgical grade stainless steel.
    • They have a very quick response with a focused and clear sound.


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Weight .5 lbs
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Mars cup, Venus cup, Jupiter cup, Le Meow, Le Mezzo Meow, Le Meow Meow, Chocolate Venus


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