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World Premiere of the Balu Mouthpieces.

Finally after 15 years in the business I think I accumulated enough knowledge to venture into mouthpiece making. This is a very tricky endeavor as there are lots of variables and options. Plus there are lots and lots of very good mouthpieces out there. I focused on two main problems:

  1. Finding an experienced artist who can apply my vision into practice.
  2. Gaining access to high end machines. This plays a major role as it is crucial to have consistent results.

After lots of searches I have found Tim Van Gijsegem of Maesltrom Mouthpieces, a high-end manufacturer in Belgium. He not only plays the horn and makes mouthpieces, but he also is an experienced manufacturer of mouthpieces. He has access to an array of exceptionally precise machines used to make medical and military devices. These machines are worth many millions of Euros. If not for the manufacturing of those high end and expensive parts one would not be able to invest in such machinery for manufacturing mouthpieces. You would need to sell millions of mouthpieces to make this profitable, a laughable goal by all accounts.

Once I realized the quality work he does we got together and came up with 3 main models, in two different alloys and two different finishes. Simplifying the choices have brought us some spectacular success. Our Mars and Le Meow have a #14 size bore. Venus and Le Mezzo Meow feature a slightly bigger #12 bore, and Jupiter and Le Meow Meow have a large #8 bore.

We have tried to cover the entire range of horn players: from those who use the air efficiently, to those horn players who can put a lot of air through the horn.

We world premiered our complete line of mouthpieces at IHS48 in Ithaca, NY with extraordinary success, perhaps the most mouthpieces sold at one convention by one maker, ever!

All Balu rims and cups are made with a standard .660″ junction, making them compatible with most mouthpieces available on the market. They are available with the Giardinelli threads, the most common on the market.

All of our rims are made out of stainless steel covered in gold titanium nitride, a very strong and long lasting finish which is also is fully bio-compatible (no allergies!)  We offer two finishes for the rim:, polished and satin. Both of these are great for both wet and dry embouchure. Two rim sizes are available. Rim A with 17.6mm ID and Rim E with 17.35mm ID.


Mars, Venus and Jupiter are made from brass and offer a warm and lush sound with great harmonics and projection throughout all ranges.

Le Meow, Le Mezzo Meow and Le Meow Meow are made out of surgical grade stainless steel and have very quick response with a focused and clear sound.

Our Mars and Le Meow cups were developed for players looking for brighter, complex sound quality. They feature smaller bowl shaped cups with a smooth funnel throats, a #14 bore and a medium backbore.

Our Venus and Le Mezzo Meow cups were developed as perfect all-arounders. Warm sounding yet with plenty of core. From a whisper soft pp to a soaring ff – these do it all. Medium funnel shape, a #12 bore and a medium-large backbore help make this mouthpiece ideal in any situation.

Jupiter and Le Meow Meow are our largest models. They allow you to envelop the audience with a warm sound that glows – and let you dazzle them with a powerful roar when called for. Very complete sounding mouthpieces with a thicker core, yet plenty of overtones that carry well. Deep bowl/funnel hybrid – #8 bore – medium–large backbore.


We are known for being totally dedicated to our customer, so we offer a 10 days money back guarantee.


FAQ: How did you even come up with the names? I personally don’t like letters or numbers for sizes. I believe that having names is easier to remember and make sense. So, for our 3 different sizes: Medium, Medium-Large and Large we choose Mars, Venus and Jupiter and Le Meow, Le Mezzo Meow and Le Meow Meow.

FAQ: Why Le Meow? It’s no secrets that we love kittens at our shop and when I pondered what names should the “Like A Boss” model have I posted a naming contest on Facebook. There were lots and lots of good names but one stuck out: Le Meow, Le Mezzo Meow and Le Meow Meow.

List of available machines at the shop where our mouthpieces are made.


– Deckel-Maho DMU 100 – T

– Deckel-Maho DMU EVO 50

– DMC 1035 eco

– DMF 260

– Mazak VTC 300-C

– Hermle C30

– Matec P30

– EROWA linear robot

– Hermle C32


– GILDEMEISTER CTX 620 linear V1

– Mazak SQT 300MY

– Mazak QTN 250MSY

– Mazak QTN 100

– Mazak QT6T

– Harrison Alpha 400 T

– Harrison Alpha 1550XM

– QTN 350-II MY

wire erosion:

– Sodick AQ750L premium

– Agie Charmilles DRILL 11


– Blohm 642

– Jung 50




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Mars cup, Venus cup, Jupiter cup, Le Meow, Le Mezzo Meow, Le Meow Meow, Chocolate Venus


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