MB Alligator Triple Trumpet Gig Bag



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How did these come about?

I was at the International Horn Symposium in Denver in the summer of 2009, and my table was close to Marcus’s. One day, while chatting with him, he saw my horn case: A disaster of unimaginable proportions, a case so ugly that people who didn’t know me would say, “Gee, this dude is a homeless horn player.” While looking at my case, Marcus was in disbelief, and his first reaction was, “Ion, I’ve got cases right here. I’ll give you a great price!”

I was like,”I’ve haven’t had the time yet, but I have been planning to make a crocodile case, the highest possible quality.”

“Haha…that’s a great idea,” said Marcus.

His wife joined the discussion, and I explained exactly how the case should look. I drew quick comparisons with a Gucci, Prada, or D&G purse. If they exist, then why not a horn case? She caught on very quickly and could see my vision. Even more, I told them that I wanted one of the cases (e.g. matte finish) to have a distressed leather look, like a $5K Armani travel bag. I told them about the time when I was in college and bought a brand new black leather Jacket from Gap. Within one hour, I was “distressing” the leather with coarse sand paper. In another 20 minutes, I had created a fine Diesel-looking jacket that I still wear to this day.

We laughed alot about that; and Marcus agreed, as you can see, to make these incredible beautiful cases. Sure, they are going to cost a little bit more than your regular leather MB case (retailed in the US for about $620-632); but, considering that every year or so we spend up to about $500 for a lead pipe that will sound great (in our head) for a few months, $700 for a bell, or spend $15K for a (great) horn, we don’t think that this is a big amount for a one-time purchase of a limited product. This will be the last case you will ever need to buy. The beauty is breathtaking, and the quality is legendary; so with proper care, it should last a lifetime.

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