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BRIZ horns are the first horns made in China that rival every hand made instrument worldwide.  Amazing attention to detail, superior playability, and simply gorgeous instruments.  Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to give them feedback on their instruments – and now we are astounded by what has been produced.  Ken Pope and I are the U.S. Dealers.  You MUST try these horns.
Pricing starts at only $3795 depending upon materials and wrap.
The Alliance horns are offered in 5 different models and are the result of many years of consulting and searching. Ken Pope and I have spend many hundreds of hours trying to find a horn which is not only affordable, but plays way out of it’s league. The Briz horns exceed those expectations.

We are offering three different models: a modified Geyer/Knopf wrap, a Kruspe-style horn and a higher-end all brass, hand-hammered bell Geyer/Knopf horn.

Valve Compression reads below a 0.3!  Tubing bends stay perfectly round through, the soldering, polishing, and overall craftsmanship will take your breath away AND, it comes with a flight ready case.

Available in Yellow brass, or Gold Brass for the Geyer/Knopf version (+$200 for gold) and Nickel-silver for the Kruspe-style.

Throw away all your preconceptions and find out why Ken and I have put our names behind this instrument.

Please call 901.517.7226 or email us for more info.

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Geyer Yellow Brass, Geyer Gold Brass, Kruspe Nickel-Silver, Hand-hammered, all brass Geyer, Kruspe Gold-Nickel

2 reviews for Briz Horns A Pope-Balu Alliance horn

  1. 5 out of 5

    I needed a hor for college and chose Ions new creation. I love it! for the money its the best horn I’ve found and it surpases many on the market that are more expensive. this is truly an exceptional work of art, but don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Dear Ion et al,
    After selling my tired old 1963 Conn 8D, I got my Briz 2000 #60130 in June. What a learning experience! The modified Geyer wrap was, at first, a challenge. The first week I wondered what I had done. The second week my Briz and I became friends (on its terms). Gradually, I came to realize that the Briz 2000 is superior in every way. Tight, notchy sounds. The F horn is solid all the way up to high G (What a surprise). The entire low range is an adventure in resonance. The valves are superb. Everything fits . . exactly. And best of all, I know exactly what is going to happen when I play any note asked of me.


    James Beinke

    I want to give the Briz 2000 my highest recommendation. It plays WAY better than anything else I’ve ever played.

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