Store Info

For years, customers have been asking to visit the shop where all the magic happens. We have listened to your requests and have reorganized our workshop to convert some of that space into a storefront. As of September of 2017, the Balu Musik Store is officially open! We built an impressive gallery where we display over 25 of our horns alongside our beautiful mutes and mouthpieces, over $210,000 of total inventory! We carry horns for all budgets, from the Paxman Academy Horns ($2,749), to our Pope-Balu Briz Alliance Horns ($3900-$6100), to the Ab Aeterum Triple Horns ($14,250). The store is open by appointment only to give people time and privacy to try out all our products. For those flying into Memphis interested in buying our horns, we provide transportation to and from our store.

Why come to Memphis?

  • We are open 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week.
  • For 15 years, we have treated all horn players from around the world with impeccable customer service from passionate amateurs to the super-pros of the industry.
  • We have it all!
    • The best selling custom mouthpieces.
    • The best mutes money can buy.
      • Including the 8 foot tall, largest mute in the world
    • An impressive array of horns for all tastes and pockets.
      • From the $2,749 Paxman Academy Double to the most expensive triple horn in the world.
    • We have some of the best Barbecue in the world!
    • Memphis is a beautiful city with a ton of things to see, hear, and do!
    • The kittens love meeting new people!
      • For those allergic to kittens, we will keep them away.

We are officially a Paxman dealer!


Dürk Ab-Aeternum Triple Horn

Horns and Mutes on Display

Custom Balu Mouthpieces

T-shirts on Display