For some, ordinary is not enough. For those with a taste for all things exciting, different and extraordinary, we offer Custom Balu Finishes for your instrument. The concept started with the Moonstone finish (a Balu Innovation) and quickly developed into an artists canvas. We at Balu Musik are the only ones in the world offering this unique customization requiring much knowledge, patience, and skill. A Custom Balu Finish requires a smooth and clean canvas. Here is a breakdown of the process! To begin we remove all lacquer (if applicable). Next we need to remove all dents as well as thoroughly and evenly polishing the horn. Beyond this, preparations also include ultrasonic cleaning. Only now can the artist can begin the process of customizing the finish. Because this is a surface treatment only, not an added layer of paint, it does not make structural changes to the instrument or your sound. The final steps in creating a smooth finish begin with another thorough rinsing and drying. A clean and dry surface are necessary for the application of epoxy lacquer. Finally we bake it in our state-of-the-art autoclave. A beautiful custom Balu finish can be applied to your horn as well! A wonderful way to turn an ordinary horn extraordinary, or simply a way to ensure that you have a instrument that people cannot stop talking about.

  • Moonstone finish begins at $1300
  • Balu Custom Finishes begin at $1900


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