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Finding a good and reliable rental French horn is THE biggest problem students and teachers have encountered when looking for a double French horn. It is known and unfortunately accepted that there are no reliable and moderately priced horns available to rent.

We believe we have found the solution to this: Our 680/800 model is THE answer to the problems encountered with rental horns. It features the same valve cluster used by its very reliable and more expensive cousins. This ensures a high level of performance and reliability when it comes to keeping the horn working. The only thing our 680/800 model horns need is oil. If one keeps the horn oiled well, one will have a high-performance horn at a very reasonable price to rent.

We offer a no-touch rental delivery:

  1. Download our rental agreement and sign it.
  2. Mail or email it to us: [email protected] or Balu Musik LLC, 7832 Frontage Rd, Suite 7832 Skokie IL 60077
  3. We will set up easy recurring monthly payments and send you your horn.

[This no-touch instrument rental system is a great way to provide instruments to students that need them, eliminating instrument sharing among students, which is important in today’s new reality.]


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