Many individuals have metal allergies, which is especially a hindrance if you are a brass player. Many metals, most notably nickel and silver, can cause contact reactions. This can look like redness, itching, and pain on hands and any other points of contact. Many players end up using gloves and/or tape to minimize contact with the metal. Some even have to give up playing their favorite instrument. We believe that we have found a metal allergy solution through our unique instrument customization. It can also look amazing!

Customizing your existing horn to help with your allergy, or offering you a brand-new horn already customized to eliminate the metal allergy problem are two ways we can help. As you will see in the following pictures, we have applied not just one coat of epoxy, but 3-4 coats in areas where the hand has maximum contact. This provides a suitable barrier between the offending metal and the skin. It lasts considerably longer than the typical single-layer lacquer seen on most brass instruments. We bake multiple layers of epoxy lacquer making it thin but very strong. The micrometer shows the small increments between layers.

Contact us at: [email protected] to discuss your allergy and we will outline options for your metal allergy solution!


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