Abalone Valve Cap Customization


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Abalone Valve Caps

We at Balu Musik are known to be innovators.  We create products that make life easier as a musician, and products to make your instrument more beautiful. Our abalone valve cap customization (a Balu innovation) comes in 18 different exquisite colors. We do not sell the valve caps by themselves. It would be virtually impossible to keep a set in stock for every horn model in the world. Instead, we customize the valve caps from your horn, and then send them back to you new and improved with beautiful abalone.

The Customization Process

  1. Find the color that you think will look most beautiful on your horn. Click on the magnifying glass by each picture and you can see the names of each abalone.
  2. Purchase a set of 4, 5, 6, 7 caps, corresponding to your horn model.
  3. Ship us the valve caps from your horn. You can wrap your now-exposed valve rotors with some low-adhesion painter’s tape while your valve caps are away. You should do this mostly to protect the interior of your horn case from leakage of rotor oil.
  4. We will keep you updated as we work, with progress photos of the process that will make your valve caps beautiful and eye-catching.
  5. Your valve cap makeover will be complete within 48 hours of receiving them.
  6. We promptly ship them back to you. When you receive your abalone valve caps put them back on the horn.
  7. Rejoice!

Pricing for abalone for a set of 4 caps is to $300* + $7 for return shipping [each additional cap is $75]. Give your horn the “Starry Night” treatment with gold leaf on top of the abalone for a more striking visual (select as a separate option for a set price of $500 on any size set of caps).

*In the event that your caps are heavily scratched or aged, we will contact you about our $25 Renewal Package. Before we can add the beautiful abalone of your choice, we must remove all old lacquer, then machine/flatten deep scratches, and finally buff the caps to a brilliant shine. 

If you have any questions about your abalone valve cap customization, please call or text us (1.530.774.6871) or e-mail us: [email protected]

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in
Valve Cap Treatment

Set of 4 Valve Caps, Set of 5 Valve Caps, Set of 6 Valve Caps, Set of 7 Valve Caps, Set of 4 Gold Leaf Valve Caps, Additional Gold Leaf Valve Cap

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Abalone Valve Cap Customization
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