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Encompassing the pinnacle of horn design, the Briz 2000TP features rare craftsmanship characteristics unique in the horn world: one-piece tail and first-branch tubing. This is the only Geyer-style horn in the world that possesses these characteristics. However, this horn also has a feature that no other horn in the world has: one-piece tubing on all slides. This is a totally unique feature and is very hard to make or replicate. Also unique is the hand-hammered bell and tail, which gives a beautiful, even dimpled finish. This beautiful dimpled finish is done by hand, one at a time, with a small peen hammer – resulting in a fabulous sound with amazing overtones AND a distinctive look. You will be hard-pressed to find a horn that can measure up to the 2000TP in both playability and jaw-dropping beauty. (2420g/5.35lbs)

The thumb lever is adjustable and the change valve stop arm can be set to stand in either F or Bb. The main and F tuning slides have the added luxury of tuning ‘guides’ etched lightly into the slide.

This horn can be customized in our Moonstone finish for an extra $1500. Please note that our Moonstone finish requires a LOT of work and it takes about 3-4 weeks to be completed.

The winner of the XVI International Tchaikovsky 2019 competition won on a Briz!

Comes with a backpack-style flight case. Made of yellow or gold/rose brass with a Lawson/Alexander compatible ringset. (2400g/5.2 lbs)

Balu Musik Briz Horn Construction

Balu Musik Briz 2000TP Review

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 20 in
Balu Briz 2000TP custom

Balu Briz 2000TP Yellow brass, Balu Briz 2000TP Gold/Rose brass, Balu Briz 2000TP Moonstone

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Briz 2000TP Pro Horn
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