Cantesanu C model double horn

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The Cantesanu Double horn is a unique instrument, offering remarkable sound, power and finesse. It is free blowing, quick responding, focused, well balanced throughout all registers and comfortable to play. Thanks to the brass material processing and design concept, the horn retains an ideal balance of all high/mid/low harmonics, thus offering a sound that blends with other instruments and fills the hall like no other. An excellent choice for either high and low horn, orchestral playing or solo work.

Sourced from reputed custom shops in Germany and the US, the materials and components are the highest quality available. The tapers and design have been carefully studied and great attention is paid to details during the build of each instrument. An important factor that has seen little attention thus far is the brass material’s quality and consistency throughout the entire instrument. Keeping the brass material at its best, not too soft or thin, offers superior sounding and playing characteristics. The brass in these horns is Alive, and it is one of the reasons that makes a Cantesanu sound so distinctive, a difference clearly heard by a listener out in the audience. (from the Cantesanu website)

This horn was purchased by a professional performance horn in 2016 as an alternative to his other horn for various types of repertoire.

This horn is a 10/10 cosmetically and has perfect compression. It comes without a case, all MB cases will fit the horn.

Hear this horn tested by David Cooper.

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 20 in
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Cantesanu C model double horn
Original price was: $9,400.00.Current price is: $8,870.00.
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