Balu Adjustable Pinky and Duck foot


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Balu Adjustable Pinky Hook

Gone are the days when a French horn would come with a fix pinkie hook that was arbitrarily set on. It may have worked for some but for those with large or small hands it was not the solution. Our adjustable pinkie hook helps find the right position for your hand and releases tension from you hand and forearm. This tension often moves up the hand and into the neck area impacting the way you hold and play your horn. The solution is our adjustable pinkie hook which has been also laser engraved with our cool logo. Each piece comes with the corresponding size Allen wrench. Please note that this pinky hook will require professional installation

Balu Adjustable Duck foot / Flipper

Some horn players prefer to move the weight of their French horn from their pinky to the top of the hand and install a duck-foot/flipper. This is subjective and the only opinion that we think it counts is how you feel the horn in your hands. For some the absence of the pinky hook is a liberating experience for the hand and it helps them achieve a faster technique. Our Balu Duck foot/flipper are beautifully and strongly made. Each piece comes with the corresponding size Allen wrench. Note that they require professional installation.

Technicians and Horn Makers

We are here to help techs and French horn makers with quality parts that are consistently made. We have bulk prices available for 10 or more sets.  There is NO set up fee to edit and engrave your logo. One simple price that will bring you more profit per installed piece and carry your brand further with your logo. Each piece comes with the corresponding size Allen wrench.

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Adjustable Pinky and Duckfoot

Balu Adjustable Pinky, Balu Adjustable Duckfoot

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Balu Adjustable Pinky and Duck foot
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