2000Y/G Double French Horn


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Ken Pope and I have spent a long time trying to find a horn which is not only affordable, but plays like a horn double the price.  The Briz 2000 exceeds those expectations.

The Briz 2000Y/G double french horn (Y-yellow brass; G-gold/rose) is our best seller and customer favorite. This modified Geyer/Knopf wrap plays like a horn that costs significantly more because of its consistent construction. Outstanding manufacturing quality ensures that every single instrument is very reliable. By adding a precisely machined valve cluster to a Geyer-style design you get a professional level instrument that projects, has fast response and costs a fraction of a custom made horn. There is not much more that needs to be said!

The Briz 2000Y/G double french horn arrives lacquered from the factory. If requested, we can remove the lacquer as most professionals in the USA play unlacquered horns. Removing the lacquer is a multi-step and involved process resulting in a slightly higher price. An unlacquered horn will develop a beautiful patina over time, a naturally occurring oxidation. We recommend to not polish the horn, allowing this layer of surface oxidation to protect the metal underneath.

Throw away all your preconceptions and find out why Ken and I have put our names behind this instrument.  (made in China)

The finger hook and thumb lever are adjustable. The change valve stop arm can also be adjusted to stand in either F or Bb.

Key: F / Bb

Pitch: A = 442Hz

Bore Size: .468

Bell Flare: Detachable

Lever Actions: Cord

Rotors: hand lapped rotors with precision ground

Metal: Yellow brass with nickel silver slides

Weight: 5lbs 2 oz./ 2430g.

Comes with a backpack-style flight case. Made of yellow or gold/rose brass with a Lawson/Alexander compatible ring set.

Balu Musik Briz Horn Construction

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 20 in
Balu Briz 2000 model

Balu Briz 2000Y model, lacquered, Balu Briz 2000Y model, unlacquered, Balu Briz 2000G model, lacquered, Balu Briz 2000G model, unlacquered

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2000Y/G Double French Horn
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