Expert Repair and Customization Work

By working out bumps and bruises while here your instrument can look as beautiful as it sounds. Premium dent removal and soldering has a labor rate of $90- $120/hour, that depends on the complexity of the work performed. Our services range from easy-to-access dent removal and accessory installation to the most complex repairs including custom patches, refitting loose slides and compression optimization.  Mr. Balu excels at work with high-end instruments like Berg, Lewis, Rauch, Schmid, and Schmidt horns.

Ultrasonic cleaning for all brass instruments

We provide the best service possible for your instrument with the highest-grade Ultrasonic Cleaner and years of experience. Ultrasonic cleaning uses the latest technology available – the power of soundwaves!  We prefer ultrasonic cleaning compared to ChemClean and other chemical cleaning methods because it safely and gently removes deposits from your instrument. The result is much better than a bathtub wash.  Your instrument will feel and play like new, guaranteed! The videos below feature our top-of-the-line machine so you can see it in action.

Lacquered Horn Ultrasonic Double/Triple$240/$349
Unlacquered Horn Ultrasonic and Light Polish Double/Triple$260/$380
Unlacquered Horn Ultrasonic and High Polish Double/Triple$350/$500
Trumpet Ultrasonic Lacquered/Unlacquered and Polish$135/$180
Euphonium/Baritone Ultrasonic$130
Trombone Ultrasonic$150
Tuba Ultrasonic$350-$450
Rotor Work
Vertical Play/Swedging/Lapping$270 per rotor
Custom Breaking-In Double/Triple$500/$700
Bell Conversions and Other Work
Bell Conversions Lacquered/Unlacquered$750*
Bell Conversion with Lacquered Removal$850 (+$50 for Yamaha horns)
Water Key Installation (water key included in price)$65
Lacquer Removal and Customized Finish
Standard Horn Lacquer Removal$349*
Yamaha Horn Lacquer Removal$449*
Pearlescent Finish$600 and up
Moonstone Finish$1300 and up
Custom Balu Finish$1900 and up

*Package pricing available when combining two or more services. Prices listed are an estimate for a double horn in good condition, therefore the final cost of services will be confirmed BEFORE the appointment has been finalized.
Note: Engelbert Schmid horns have an overall increased rate of 15% due to their complex and intricate construction with very little tolerance and overall sensitive nature

The Balu Instrument Spa also provides the following services:

Lacquer removalDetachable bell conversionsCustom finishes, and Valve cap customization.

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Make the investment and spoil your horn today!

If you are concerned about shipping an instrument safely, check out the Balu-to-go-box!

Check out these videos and testimonials. They will convince you to get your horn cleaned regularly.

“Ion does excellent work. He completely revived my older Lewis to its prime after some patching and valve work – an artist in his own right.”

– Daniel Kitchens, Principal Horn South Dakota Symphony

Ross McLean, is an enthusiastic horn player and pathologist at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Sydney, Australia. With his permission we are posting his research. Now you can see what the inside of your leadpipe looks like pre- and post-ultrasonic cleanings. More of his work can be found  here.

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